Terry is an ex airline pilot who now writes on aviation matters including airline safety. He has been interviewed by the BBC, Channel Four News, Sky News, Al Jazeera, Channel 5 news and various radio stations, including LBC, Talk Radio, Love Sport Radio commenting on issues ranging from Pilot Fatigue and topical aviation events and accidents.

He has written for various newspapers on aviation and a wide range of other topics. Examples of his articles are available on the Journalism page of this site.

His book, Confessions of an Airline Pilot – Why Planes Crash (incorporating Tales from the Pilot’s Seat) explains what the main issues are to keep you safe.
Have you ever wondered who you should avoid flying with? This book asks whether we are becoming complacent about safety and sets out the author’s concerns over the change of direction the airline industry has taken after decades of increasing safety. It will also help you choose your airline with an insight into what makes one safer than another.