Terry Tozer often writes for the Western Morning News under his own name and the nom de plume of Mike Shapland. He was formerly a weekly columnist for the Clifton Chronicle.

Here are some of his articles:

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A selection of interviews recent and past:

Ethiopian Airlines Crash – Mirror UK

Talk Radio 2017

Channel 5 News 2015

Terry’s radio interviews and discussions

Jan 2010 on Radio Scotland discussing the increased risk of bird strikes

Sunday 1st March 2009: LBC “Simon Calder’s Travel Clinic”

Feb 26th 2009: BBC World Service, Europe Today, on the Turkish crash and Terry’s suggestion of how culture could be a factor.

February 6th 2009: Interviews to BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC World Service and other regional stations on the release of the recordings of the conversation between the captain of the US Airways Airbus that landed in the Hudson River and the air traffic controllers handling the flight.

Friday 16th January 2009, BBC Radio 5 live, BBC World Service, BBC Radio 2 and Southern counties, BBC Wales, BBC Manchester, BBC Newcastle, plus other regional transmissions and Sky TV news: Various interviews about ditching of a US Airways Airbus A320 in the Hudson River, New York.

Radio Ulster 2nd December 2008 – Discussion about risk levels following incidents in which vandals, using laser devices, attempt to blind pilots on approach to Belfast City Airport.

BBC Radio 5 live Interviewed on the 10th Nov 2008 following the bird strike and heavy landing of a Ryanair Jet at Rome’s Ciampino airport that morning.

BBC TV News Interview regarding possible causes of the Spanair MD80 crash at Mardid on 20th August 2008

BBC Radio Five Live Interview about the circumstances surrounding the Spanair MD80 crash at Madrid on 20th August 2008

BBC Radio London Breakfast show 20th March. Interviewed by Joanne Good & Paul Ross, about the whistle blower in London Air Traffic Control alleging unsafe practices are creeping in, in order to keep the traffic flow up

Radio 5 Live’s Drive programme at 1612 on Monday 25th February 2008 following the Greenpeace security breach at London Heathrow

BBC Radio Scotland’s NewsWeek programme on Saturday 23rd February 2008. The programme, presented by Derek Bateman, was about the investigations into the crash landing at Heathrow in early 2008

BBC World Service 17th January 2008, interview about the crash of BA 038 at Heathrow